Malahiganteng Itlog Nadiskubre ng Isang Lalaki Sa Kanyang Lupain, Ano Nga Ba Ito?

 For many years, mankind has thrived in culture with stories regarding the supernatural phenomenon in the world, and a lot of hidden mysteries were only revealed by mere tales and folklore passed on from generation to generation by the elders and people who lived before us. These legends are either perceived to be true or not by modern science. But many are still fascinated by the fact that mysterious things exists not only in the ancient world, but also in modern history.

A man, named Jose Antonio Nievas, is a farmer just like any other ordinary day found something extraordinary on the fields where he works. Fascinated by this humongous egg found in his land, many were convinced it was an egg of a dinosaur not so many million years ago. Probably, according to witnesses, it was kept there during the Jurassic or Cretaceous era and was left there until millions of years later upon its discovery by Jose Antonio. The “egg” was located in a small farm, in the community of Carlos Spegazzini in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It drew attention all over the globe which invited many scientists and researchers to examine the mysterious egg-shaped fossil in the farm.

According to Jose Antonio, when he first unearthed the mysterious object, it looked nothing more than an egg so he decided to dig it up deeper and revealed something more interesting in his findings.

He immediately called his wife and friends to tell what he had found near the riverbanks of his farm.

What they found is an interesting egg-shaped object with shiny blackish-green scales. Since they know nothing much of the object, they decided to call for some help from the experts. Even police who arrived into the place know nothing about the mysterious object.

Archaeologists who examined the object later found out that it was a shell—not an egg—of an ancient animal gigantic enough to fit on it. The shell weighed about 2 tons, and not a group of men can move it alone.

Alejandro Kramarz, a paleontologist from Bernardino Rivadavia Natural Sciences Museum, proved that it was a shell of an ancient glyptodon about 10,000 years old. It was an ancestor of modern armadillos known for their hard shell-like armor. The fossil was later on taken to the care of the museum for further examination and preservation.

Malahiganteng Itlog Nadiskubre ng Isang Lalaki Sa Kanyang Lupain, Ano Nga Ba Ito? Malahiganteng Itlog Nadiskubre ng Isang Lalaki Sa Kanyang Lupain, Ano Nga Ba Ito? Reviewed by Boom on 10:48 PM Rating: 5

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