Multo Nagparamdam ?? Ivana Napasigaw sa Takot

 actress and YouTuber Ivana Alawi was on tears during one episode of Raffy Tulfo in Action (RTIA) where she was featured on as a guest co-host for the reality show. On the spirit of the Halloween season, the staff and crew of the show imparted their ghost stories and spooky encounters on the studio, both on and off camera. Apparently, the studio is haunted with various entities and restless spirits, to which, apparently, is seeking justice through the show.

Raffy Tulfo himself, admits to having creepy encounters while taping, to which in the videos they were recording, there were voices who would speak softly in the videos and some spirits would even catch a glimpse to the camera. The staff would also tell that sometimes, weird things will happen in the studio which would really send tingles to your spine. The news anchor, Raffy, told in the latest episode that the spirits that resided in the studio would sometimes follow him to his house and some spooky things will happen to his home such as the TV would suddenly turn on by itself, or the shower head would sometimes work even though no one is taking a bath.

Ivana Alawi, who was the co-host of the show during the episode, would admit that she was really a scaredy-cat on things related to ghost stories and supernatural encounters. So the staff decided to pull pranks on her to scare the sexy YouTuber which apparently worked as Ivana was on tears during the set and begged not to do it again. Surely, she was asked to pray over for the spirits in the studio to finally find their resting place and hopes to finally find the justice they have been looking for. The staff and crew of Raffy Tulfo in Action also mentioned that there is only one specific spirit who always goes back to the show and leans over on the desk of Raffy Tulfo himself. Apparently, the ghost is seeking justice as probably she have died without seeking the justice from the abuse she experienced whilst still living.

The whole staff and crew, including Ivana Alawi, prayed for the eternal peace of the spirits that would disrupt the airings and tapings of episodes. Ed Calauag was also called into the studio to perform rituals and rites to exorcise the studio from unwanted guests and evil entities.

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