Neneng B Pinalayas Sa Bahay Ang Bf na si Nik Makino Dahil Di Umano Sa Pambabae



Controversy seem to always follow him everywhere as rapper Nik Makino submerges himself on another pot of boiling water after his girlfriend exposed him and his affairs with other women. And worse, everyone knows that she is pregnant with their child!

Nik Makino is a Filipino rapper, who rose to fame after his song Neneng B topped the charts and become trending on social media. The song contained many sexual and explicit contents which garnered numerous criticisms and negative remarks by most people, although it is still undeniably well-known among Filipinos right now. Because of this, Nik Makino gained publicity although in a very negative way through the controversies his rap song had received. Nevertheless, he faces yet another issue on social media but this time, it was right from the girlfriend itself, Kate.

Kate posted and exposed Nik’s cheating and romantic affairs with other women through a string of Instagram stories. According to her post, she shared a screen recording of Nik lying in bed with two other women. Apart from that, she also posted receipts and evidences of Nik’s infidelity with their relationship.

According to her side of story, Nik borrowed her brother’s motorcycle one night although it is not allowed as the side mirror is broken. But regardless of that, the rapper drove the motorcycle at night and went home on the wee hours of the morning, narrating that they were chased by the police and was allegedly slammed for doing something.

She also expresses her dismay, saying how Nik have ultimately used her up and choked her to her limits. She recalls all the sacrifices she had made for their relationship and how Nik had thrown it off right out of the window.

Nik also told his side of the story although Kate had already released the evidences of his affairs. However, her family seem to take the side of Nik. But to her dismay, Kate stated that she wouldn’t mind raising their child alone even without a father.

Because of this, Kate decided to end their relationship. And since the couple are residing on Kate’s side, she drove Nik out of the house and away from their family.

Neneng B Pinalayas Sa Bahay Ang Bf na si Nik Makino Dahil Di Umano Sa Pambabae Neneng B Pinalayas Sa Bahay Ang Bf na si Nik Makino Dahil Di Umano Sa Pambabae Reviewed by Boom on 1:19 AM Rating: 5

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