Netizens Nababahala Sa Sobrang Pagpayat Ni Erich Gonzales


Many fans and avid followers of Kapamilya actress and celebrity, Erich Gonzales, can’t help but notice her sudden change in appearance and concerning amount of weight loss on her recent photoshoot with fellow stars in their new show La Vida Lena.

Erich elicited mixed reactions from the netizens upon seeing the new promotional poster of their show, posted by one of her leading men in their new show, JC De Vera. Fans can’t help but point out how drastic her weight loss was, and many of them drew their concern over the actress. Most of them couldn’t believe that this was Erich now, and there seems to be a problem going on with their favorite actress as she was often known for her youthful glow and healthy-looking physique.

However, in their new show La Vida Lena, Erich is making a big comeback on the small screen as they promote their show that will be streamed online on iwantTFC, a video-streaming platform operated by their previous home network and features shows by Dreamscape productions and Star Magic productions.

The story follows the string of tragedies of ABS-CBN which features the character of Magda, played by Erich, as she tells the story of a woman who battled her way against all odds and trying to make ends meet as she sells her product Magda Soap. With the success of her product, she was able to live a comfortable life with her family in the town of Salvacion.

The show is starred by fellow Kapamilya actors such as JC De Vera, Kit Thompson and premiered actor, Carlo Aquino.

However, the skinny figure of Erich drew more attention than the promotional photo posted by JC on his Instagram account. Erich seemingly looked skinny and alarmingly skeletal-thin on the photo with her co-stars. It was very unusual and concerning, although not a lot of reports has been published regarding Erich and if she had any eating disorders recently.

Although Erich Gonzales has yet to comment or provide her reaction with the fans’ comments about her look, they continue to promote their comeback on the streaming app as La Vida Luna will be launched for everyone to watch online on their platform.

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  1. luuh sobrang payat nya..bagay s akanya me laman kc andun u g hubog ng katawan nya...