Singsing Ni Julia Montes Usap Usapan Ngayon Sa Social Media

 Julia Montes has been quiet now recently regarding her personal whereabouts outside the showbiz industry. After taking a hiatus from acting and the shutting down of her home network, ABS-CBN, many of her fans drew out speculations to where Julia Montes has been all this time. Instagram posts and controversies sprung out that she has given birth to her child with Coco Martin after that photo of her was released holding a child. Although the actress denied the allegations, and the two were not very open about the current status of their relationship, Coco also remained silent regarding the issue until it apparently died down. News made rounds between the two celebrities when they first became on-screen lovers on their primetime show, “Walang Hanggan”.

But recently, Julia Montes sparks controversy again on her Instagram post where she uploaded a video of herself practicing suture. But instead of noticing her skills in suturing which she did very well, most of her eagle-eyed followers picked out the ring on her finger. Many of her fans noticed it and speculated that the actress might already be married to her boyfriend, which they claim to be Coco Martin. Although the actress never confirmed nor denied the speculations, fans kept on noticing the ring on her finger in almost every Instagram post she makes on her social media account. And it was the same jewelry that she wore on the rest of her photos and videos so her followers firmly believed that the actress might have already tied the knot with someone who is yet to be revealed.

She also traded her beautiful dark and long hair recently when she decided to cut it on an asymmetrical bob. Fans were digging her new look and the actress also died with a beautiful shade of golden blonde. She also mused a photoshoot session to showcase her new look, which fans noticed that she wore the same jewelry on her ring finger.

Although fans were pointing it out on the comments sections of her post, the actress never released a statement that denies or admits the speculations of her followers. Julia remains quiet about her personal life and enjoys the simple pleasures she has now with her family.

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