Siya Na Nga Ba Ang Bagong Reyna Ng Tiktok

 The popular TikTok app has been bringing fun and entertainment ever since the world was stuck under home quarantine Every netizens, young or old are tuned in to the TikTok app and the constant uploads of people all over the world brought massive internet traffic and bringing fun and exciting challenges for the audience to do while  on their homes. Apparently, many has gained popularity and fame through viral TikTok videos circulating online. And even this 57-year-old woman did not miss the TikTok hype train!

The viral “Dancing Grandma” on Tiktok was the 57-year-old woman named Teresita Benito Embuscado, started uploading videos on her TikTok account sharing awesome and amazing dance challenges trending online. Netizens were amazed on her smooth and sexy dance moves despite her age. Not many people can dance as good as her especially those at the same age bracket as hers! Teresita, despite her approaching the senior citizen age, still has the grooves under her skin and if not, she can actually dance better than most of the younger generation doing TikTok!

Teresita has done many dance challenges online, such as “Chinita Girl”, and the famous song by Sarah Geronimo, “Tala”. Netizens applauded her physique and also the ability to dance and move despite her age. Many left comments complimenting her:

“She looks amazing at her age and she's so beautiful and the body, wow!...Keep it up so proud of u!”

“Malabo na yata ang mata ko kasi hindi naman lola ang tingin ko sa kanya ang galing sumayaw eh hindi tulad ng iba mahalay tingnan kapag ganyan ang sayaw” (I think my eyesight is already poor because I don’t see you as a grandma at all! She’s so good in dancing and it doesn’t look too sexual unlike others who dance the same thing.)

Many were wishing that if they reach the same age as hers, they’d still have a strong and healthy physique despite senility. As for Teresita, who is also a mother of 4 and a grandmother to 1, it is obvious that she had preserved her well-being and overall fitness. It is true that if we take good care of our body on our youth, it will serve us longer in our old age.

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