Totoong Ugali Daw Ni Ivana Alawi, Ibinunyag Ng Dati Niyang Kaibigan


An open letter posted by someone named Jeline is viral right now as the message specifically reaches out to the famous internet celebrity and YouTube vlogger Ivana Alawi. In her open letter, she reveals how she was a really close friend of Ivana and how things changed through time.


Jeline reveals that the two were friends way before Ivana reached her fame and popularity. Back then, the two used to hang out and go late-night partying on bars and were really close with each other. Along with their other friends, they called their circle “Yayas of Manila” and would often call each other yaya as a form of endearment. Back then as well, Jeline also narrates how she met Ivana before she was known as the Ivana Alawi right now. Back then, it was just Maria, from the celebrity’s real name Mariam Al-Alawi.


She expresses her dismay as the actress apparently dissolved their friendship when she reached the peak of her fame and popularity in the showbiz industry. According to Jeline, she and Ivana (Maria, as she calls her) really get along with each other and she was the first one Ivana calls when she needed support through her pursuits and artista searches. Jeline was there for her through the times she struggled with her career. She even tells how Maria transitioned from being the simple gal she talks with endlessly during their sleepovers to the Ivana Alawi, who seemed not to even know her anymore.




 Jeline also expressed how disappointed she was on how Ivana was consumed by her fame. She recalls how the actress removed ties with her, stopped communicating with her, and blocked her on all of her social media accounts as if Jeline was someone she never even knew. Although Jeline understands that this might be due to the requirements of her career, but seriously, blocking her on her pages? Jeline calls it a red flag. Apparently, she is more sad than angry at her friend, Ivana, because how she called off their friendship soon as she reached the fame and career she had always dreamed off.

As of writing however, Ivana Alawi has not released any statement regarding the viral post. Although Jeline posted never-before-seen photos of Ivana together with her, which proves that they really are someone who are close with each other.

But what do you think? Do you think Ivana Alawi really changed her attitude after all those years? Let’s all wait how the YouTube star would react to this post, or would she maintain her silence for the sake of her image?

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