Tunay Na Ugali ni James Reid Lumabas Dahil Sa Prank ni Billy Crawford

 They say money will test how strong and true friendship and familial relationships are. Most people often take a fight over financial issues and it will always be a surprise if one will always be willing to lend you all the money he has just to help you. It is a well-known fact as well that even celebrities fall into debt and face money issues that they seek help from their friends in the industry.

But not in the case of Billy Crawford and James Reid. Recently, on the show “LOL: Laugh Out Loud”, hosted by Billy Crawford, he decided to pull a prank on his friend James, by faking a huge financial problem while calling him and confiding this problem to him. Many were excited how James would react to this especially with the issue of lending his friend a huge amount of money.

Now the situation goes by Billy stating he need money to pay for his house debt, and he has nowhere to go. Even his wife, actress Coleen Garcia, doesn’t know about the problem because according to him, his wife just gave birth and he doesn’t want to stress her out. Many were surprised to the generosity of the actor James Reid. According the phone call, James was willing to lend all the money he has in his Philippine bank account since most of his money is on his Australian account and all he can lend was the money he has in the bank here—and all of it! When asked if he was pissed off by this, James said he was not at all and he understands the situation.

Billy was surprised, but continued on with the prank by asking if he could also borrow his luxurious car as Billy said he has already sold his own and his money is still not enough to cover up the expenses. Surprisingly, James approved of it as well!

 Then that was the time Billy broke off the prank call and told James he was being aired live on the show Laugh Out Loud.

After the call, he told his friend James that he specifically chose him because he knew he would never let him down in times of need. Now that is a true friend indeed!

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