Vice Ganda Pinasilip Ang Pinaka Bago Niyang Mansion


The Unkabogable Star and Philippine TV comedian Vice Ganda lets us take a sneak-peek inside his newest mansion. On his recently vlog on his Youtube Channel, Vice tours his fans and his viewers inside his new property and all of the other things he was able to put up for his tremendous success in the showbiz industry.

Vice Ganda never fails to wow his viewers and his fans even in terms of owning properties and real estate. The whopping 1,300 square-meter lot was topped with a grandiose, luxury mansion with a modern architectural design inside and outside. According to Vice, he originally bought the lot for his grandfather and for his house to be built upon it. However, due to the unfortunate event that his grandfather passed away before the construction of a new homestead there, the lot was left unattended with no one to take care of the property for many years. But no matter how the lot was left uncared for, Vice couldn’t afford to put the property on sale because he bought the place for its value and how it would be really convenient for a house to be built on it.

And now, after many years, Vice had decided to pursue the construction of his dream house there and on his vlog, he shared that the mansion is almost complete and he can move in anytime soon when he wishes to.

He also added that he and his family could have moved there already but due to the pandemic, the construction have to cease operation and the building of their dream house was put into halt.

He also introduced the people who helped him behind the construction and design of his mansion, who also turned out to be the ones who helped his fellow host in It’s Showtime, Vhong Navarro.

Vice Ganda’s mansion composed mainly of materials made from concrete, metal, and glass which complements a very modern ambiance. He also shared on his vlog the items he bought for his new house, including a figurine lampshade of a horse which the comedian said he bought abroad. It also fashioned with various amenities such as walk-in closet and an indoor Jacuzzi.

He also wowed his audience and fans by showing the elevator built on the mansion as well. According to him, he had an elevator installed at their new house so that his mother wouldn’t have to suffer climbing long staircases which is not good for old people with arthritis.

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