Vlogger na si Makagwapo , May Bago Nang Makaganda

 YouTube vlogger Christian Merck Grey uploads new video in his channel in search of a new girlfriend or the so-called name “makaganda” after his messy breakup with fellow YouTuber Caffey Namindang. The YouTube couple broke up after Caffey filed a complaint against Christian in Raffy Tulfo in Action regarding   the videos she featured in on Christian’s channel.

As of now, the conflict has been settled, and in the new video of Christian, he shows off his search for a new love on the livestreaming app called “Bigo”, in which he was able to sought after 3 livestreaming girls.

According to him, he would like not to settle to only one, but 3 options! Yes, 3 options!

Christian featured in as a guest to these girls’ livestreams; the first one named Sheena, then the next was Apple Angeles, and the last was someone named Gie. All three ladies are equally beautiful and charismatic for Christian, but he had his eyes set upon the last one, Gie.

Gie was a Bigo livestreamer, and she was also a great dancer which she also showed in her livestream video. Christian and his friend on his vlog, also made an appalling joke that he loves animals too, referencing to the shorts of Gie which has an animal print design.

Rather simple, Christian immediately fixed his eyes on Gie and even asked her out to meet with him sometime. Many of his fans and followers supported this newfound attraction with the new one, and for them, it is about time to move on from his previous relationship with Caffey Namindang.

But apparently, not everyone was fond of the pursuits of Christian on his channel, as many claim that his content is leaning towards objectifying women for the entertainment of men. However, this drew close attention to his channel by both followers and bashers that as of writing, Christian Merck Grey has over 3.59 million subscribers.

Many netizens are waiting for the next episode of this video on Christian’s channel and are also excited how this would eventually pan out for the YouTube star.What are your thoughts for Christian and Gie’s tandem? Do you think the two will work out just as well in the future? Let’s all watch and see!

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