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The uncanny unboxing video of YouTube vlogger and actress Donnalyn Bartolome that was uploaded in November 1 this year garnered numerous reactions, and not to mention the million views, from netizens across the world. It was an entirely unconventional unboxing video as the vlogger films herself opening the package she apparently received from her ex-boyfriend after their breakup. The video shows Donnalyn slowly unraveling the contents of the box, filled with items and memorabilia the couple shared together over the six-year relationship which ended roughly around 6 months ago. Donnalyn sheds her tears and bares her feelings out into the world as how she was deeply affected seeing the things that reminded her of the heartbreak she hasn’t yet to move on.

The video immediately went viral and many netizens were puzzled as to who this ex-boyfriend was which Donnalyn masked under the name “D’Ex” which means “Donna’s Ex”. Many netizens were intrigued as their relationship was very private, which Donna also claimed that it was “what he wanted” as her ex did not want publicity and constantly be followed by fans and bashers alike. So for six years of being together, the identity of D’Ex remained a mystery until names come out of the box and a man named Xian Gaza claims he was the apparent ex-boyfriend the YouTube sensation.

This came after a man named Christian Albert Gaza (or more commonly known as Xian Gaza) posted on his social media account that says:

“Isinoli ko na lahat ng mga gamit dahil ayokong may maisumbat siya sa akin pagdating ng panahon. That’s it.” [I returned all of the things we shared together because I wouldn’t want her to get back on me regarding that in the future. That’s it.]

Now, many fans and followers of Donna were in disbelief to the authenticity of this Xian Gaza as she hadn’t released an official statement to the claims of this guy. However, many netizens make fun of this “feeler post” done by Xian, which is ridiculously unbelievable and probably it was just another joke that goes viral online.

As of writing, Donna didn’t provide any comments about the post and according to her vlog, she just hopes and prays for this D’Ex every night and is even thankful for having him in her life even though things didn’t work out for them.

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