Artista Van Ni Maja Salvador Sobrang Classy, SIlipin Dito


Due to her busy and somewhat tied-up schedule, actress-dancer Maja Salvador flexes her newly bought big van which she transformed into what she called a “first-class artista van”. On her recent vlog, Maja tours her fans and followers inside the van which she had custom-built to suit her needs during the tiring days of shooting her media projects.

Maja Salvador often complains how travelling on different places on a cramped-up van puts so much more stress on her given that filming or shooting certain scenes is definitely a gruesome all-nighter shift.

While preparing for her new and upcoming movie entitled “Arisaka”, the actress decided to purchase a new touring van for her previous one had been cramped with the things she always brings on set. According to her, she brings a LOT of stuff like her clothes and a bunch of shoes.

She considers her new van “first-class”, which she named “Ari” as homage for her upcoming movie and the very reason why she purchased the van. It is a big van with 16 seats inside and tall enough for one person with average height to stand upright inside. Since this will be her touring van, and probably her second home while on set, Maja decides to have it customized by Tuned in Style, which removes the 16 seats inside and replaces it with many cozy features fit for the star.

Maja shows her newly customized van interior complete with 4 front-seats and a reclining chair with massage feature. She also requested specifically for a privacy window and blinds installed on the windows especially for changing outfits and sleeping.

The van interior also features a nice wall-mounted smart TV where the actress can watch her favorite shows and dance rehearsals. The van is also complete with light-up cup holders and the ceiling is astoundingly beautiful complete with ceiling lights that mimic the starry night sky. Perfect for idle hours and chill moments during breaks on set.

Many fans were amazed on Maja’s new touring van and it definitely lives up to the first-class vibe as she truly deserve a good place to rest for all her hard work on the set.

Artista Van Ni Maja Salvador Sobrang Classy, SIlipin Dito Artista Van Ni Maja Salvador Sobrang Classy, SIlipin Dito Reviewed by Boom on 4:00 AM Rating: 5

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