Bakit Kay Ivana Alawi Ipinamana ng Kanilang Ama Ang Lahat Ng Kayamanan Nito, Ito Pala Ang Dahilan

Ivana Alawi is one of the most popular and sensational internet stars in the generation right now. Popularized by her sexy Instagram photos, magazine covers, TV shows, and most especially, her YouTube channel with over 10 million subscribers, Ivana Alawi is also one of the highest-earning celebrities right now and with all these money overflowing on her bank account, many are also wondering about the secret on all the properties and businesses she currently holds right now. BAKIT SI IVANA ANG NAGING TAGAPAGMANA NG LAHAT NG ARIARIAN NG KANILANG AMA

We all know that Ivana, or Mariam Al-Alawi, is born from her Filipina mother, Fatima, and a Moroccan father who lives in Bahrain. The couple had four children back in Bahrain, and as Ivana recalls during her childhood, her parents have a rough married life that would often result to violent fights towards each other. Being the third child among the siblings, Ivana didn’t know the real reason behind why her mother decided to leave her father and her elder siblings Amirah and Hashim back in Bahrain to fly back in the Philippines. Back then, their mother was pregnant with their youngest sibling, Mona, and Ivana being confused as a young child, didn’t know why their parents separated. She came into a conclusion when she was young that probably, their Moroccan father had another family in Bahrain.
But as she grows up into a beautiful and successful lady, she came to know the truth about the relationship of their mother and father and why they left their wondrous life in Bahrain. According to her, her father didn’t really have another wife or another family. Growing up, Ivana and her siblings grew apart from each other but something surprised her even more when her father had passed away.
Ivana Alawi’s father had left all of the properties and all their business ventures in Bahrain under the name of her child Ivana. All of the riches and wealth her father had possessed was left unto her name, and it surprised the actress so much.

Knowing that she was not the eldest child, there are five reasons why their father had chosen her and left her in charge with all their prized possessions.
First of all, they were the only family that her Moroccan father ever had. No other wives or children or whatsoever. Second, Ivana was her father’s favorite, and with her father’s love, she gained all the properties and business holdings her father had. Third, her father thought that Ivana is the most responsible of all amongst the four siblings. He even had their mansion in Bahrain named after Ivana. Fourth, he trusts Ivana the most. He trusted Ivana to be the one to bring more prosperity and success with all what he had left for them, and that he believes she will not let anything go to waste. And last of all, their father had trust issues among the other siblings that they may not be able to handle the riches and wealth that he would leave for them.
But it is no issue to her siblings that Ivana had all the properties and inheritance of their deceased father. The family is very close with each other and that Ivana was true to her father’s beliefs that she is the one responsible to take care of the whole family and the one to bring more prosperity and success to the Al-Alawi clan.

Bakit Kay Ivana Alawi Ipinamana ng Kanilang Ama Ang Lahat Ng Kayamanan Nito, Ito Pala Ang Dahilan Bakit Kay Ivana Alawi Ipinamana ng Kanilang Ama Ang Lahat Ng Kayamanan Nito, Ito Pala Ang Dahilan Reviewed by Boom on 2:54 AM Rating: 5

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