"Buntis Ako" Zeinab Harake Reveals Being Pregnant

 A shocking revelation surfaced on the internet after Zeinab Harake, a Pinoy YouTube vlogger and lifestyle content creator, uploaded her recent vlog entitled “Birthday Revelation” and to everyone’s surprise, she confirms that she and rapper Skusta Clee are now back as a couple.

And not just that, the bonus revelation is that Zeinab is pregnant with her child with Skusta Clee!

Fans were shocked upon hearing the news, but Zeinab and Skusta shrugged off the naysayers about their relationship. They also said that they wouldn’t mind those who would talk behind their backs and dug up issues that are long buried in the past.

We can all remember the huge internet scandal the two had as they quarreled with each other upon the rapper’s apparent infidelity with fellow YouTube vlogger, Ryssi Avila. The couple and the affair resorted to an exchange of tweets in Twitter which a lot of netizens tuned in for the controversy. Zeinab even took the matters on her own hands by trying to bring down Ryssi and Skusta’s cheating shenanigans.

But apparently, many were quite surprised that Zeinab and Skusta were back together. According to Zeinab, she and Skusta had been seeing each other and got back with each other in July, to which they hid in public to avoid further issues. For a while, the two kept their relationship a secret and resorted to fixing up their issues with one another. And in October, Zeinab found out that she was pregnant and was very happy that she is now carrying her child with Skusta.

Zeinab also mentioned that this is what she had always prayed for. Being pregnant is a blessing and she very much thankful that she had finally sorted things out with the father of her child.

The two were also seen sharing a photo on Instagram with Zeinab wearing a loose shirt and shorts with a small black Chanel bag while Skusta wraps his arm on her shoulders hugging her behind. That’s the time the public speculated that the two got back together but that was without official confirmation from the couple.

Zeinab and Skusta are now very happy that they will be starting a new life and a new family together now that Zeinab is pregnant. She also said that she tries to avoid stress as advised by her doctor.

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