Dahil Sa Sobrang Gwapo, Lalaki Pinadeport Sa Saudi

 A man was reportedly deported from Saudi Arabia for the reason of being “too handsome”. So we can all guess that having looks that are too good have their downside too?

Borkan Al Gala, a Vancouver-based model, revealed the truth about his name making rounds on the news again. Saudi Arabian authorities, a religious officers called the Mutaween, arrested Al Gala along with three other men on a cultural festival in Saudi Arabia.

The authorities labeled the handsome model as being “too handsome” and female tourists might be attracted to them and fall in love with them as reported on a local newspaper.

So Borkan Al Gala and his friends were deported to Abu Dhabi. Since the country of Saudi Arabia is an ultra-sensitive Islamic nation that had numerous rules imposed for women such as they were not allowed to speak or interact with men who are not their relatives. Also, in Saudi Arabia, women were strictly enforced to stay covered up with clothing at all times.

News all over social media about Borkan Al Gala sharing the news of being deported from the country, but the Saudi Arabian authorities released their side of story that they were not asked to leave the country itself but only the cultural festival.

Omar Borkan Al Gala is a very popular Vancouver-based model based on Dubai. Born in Baghdad, Iraq in September 1989 and grew up in Dubai. He lived for some time in Vancouver, Canada and took his time to study Hotel Management and Photography in the country. He became famous for being labeled as the most handsome man in the whole world.

Omar labels himself as a freelance model, a photographer, a poet, and an actor from Dubai. He has been published in so many newspapers and news stories online for so many years. His Facebook page has accumulated nearly a total of 100,000 likes and his face is still considered as the most handsome man in the whole world.

What do you think? Do you think Omar Borkan Al Gala is the most handsome man in the whole world? Do you agree with the Saudi Arabian authorities? We’d like to hear from you!

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