Darna Itutuloy Na, Pero


The much awaited original Filipina superheroine is set to fly onscreen this 2021. ABS-CBN confirms that the new Darna is set to be shown next year, which will be starred by the Star Magic actress Jane De Leon. Finally according to the producers, the show will be played on later in 2021 amidst the issues that were encountered by the production staff which includes the pandemic which is certainly out of the control of anyone.

However, unlike the original plan of the team to show it on cinemas as its predecessors starred by premiered actress Vilma Santos, Jane De Leon’s Darna is set to be screened on Philippine televisions instead which is very similar with the way how the other network took off their Darna. These shows were starred by former Darna roles taken by Marian Rivera and Angel Locsin which gained immense popularity among their fans and followers. And undoubtingly, these shows were on top ratings for the rest of its franchise.

According to the news insider, ABS-CBN network decided to convert their plan to a TV series instead as during the pandemic with limited manpower, it will be easier to produce it on TV rather than working on a big-budget film.

The Darna movie required much manpower especially for the fight scenes and the people on the set which includes the backstage people and staff. But due to the strict health protocols brought about by the government, they have to comply with limited people on the set.

On a brighter side, the production team pursued Jane De Leon as the new face of the Filipina comic-book superheroine and they never considered recasting her for the role. Even before the pandemic, the team had already gone through a 15-day shooting already for the Darna movie, but had to cease their operations due to the lockdown. Now that it will be a TV series instead, the team revised the script so that it would be more appropriate for the upcoming series.

The production staff also considered replacing the original director Jerrold Tarog as he only agreed to direct the film if it will be a movie, but since it will be a TV series, the team had to find a replacement for the director of the show.

More updates will follow soon as the press will release more information regarding the upcoming TV series. Meanwhile, fans who are excited to see the new Darna can watch it very soon on iWant TFC, A2Z and other Kapamilya channels.

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