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Paul Walker is one of the most popular actors and most of his movies and films were the highest-grossing in Hollywood. His most prominent project is The Fast and the Furious franchise where he starred with one of the Hollywood icons, Vin Diesel. Unfortunately, due to his untimely demise back in 2013 which took his life, and his driver, on a tragic car accident. Many fans were in disbelief and in shock that this promising actor immediately passed on. However, he left a wonderful legacy among his fans, including his beautiful daughter, which he named Meadow Rain.

Meadow Rain stunningly inherited his father’s genes. Unfortunately, Paul Walker will not be able to witness his beautiful young daughter grow up into a very fine lady as Meadow was only 15 when his father passed away. Meadow happens not only to inherit his father’s genes, but also his heart for his advocacies.

On her Instagram account, she mesmerizes her followers with her beautiful photos. She expresses how she misses him so much on the social media platform. With that, she came with a plan of starting a foundation to commemorate his father and his passions.

She stated on her Instagram post: “Reflecting on my father, I found myself reflecting on his passions. His passion for the ocean, his passion for rescuing animals, his passion for helping people and his passion for spontaneous goodwill. I wanted to start this foundation because I want to share that piece of him with the world. I want to share that part of him with others. I am tremendously proud to be launching The #PaulWalkerFoundation (@paulwalkerfdn) on his birthday. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my father. #DoGood”

The said foundation is to be established by Meadow in honor of his father’s memory and his passion over doing good things, helping others, and caring for animals.

Continuing his father’s legacy, the 21-year-old Meadow Rain is determined to pursue what her father has started 7 years after Paul Walker met his untimely demise. Fans are now excited to know the details about Meadow’s advocacy and the foundation that is to be established in honor of the actor’s memory.

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  1. Sorry but Interesting!, I did not know anything much about the Actor exposed however, and despite the fact's of there are many of them out there, Congratulation's to his beautiful daughter with her wishful thinking, while the condolences and in repeat, for her daddy's premature passing,

    May GOD-(Jehovah) Blessed You Meadow Rain Walker, and with the purpose to your wish to its fulfillment in days to come,

    Sionetamasi Ikimata.