Derek Ramsey At Ang Kasama Nyang Babae, Trending Ngayon Sa Social Media

 Derek Ramsay is on being roasted again on the internet after apparently being spotted with fitness Instagram model Aya Tubillo. News broke out after Derek was spotted with a photo with the sexy model just weeks after his breakup with fellow actress and sexy model Andrea Torres. The celebrity couple dated for a year before the split. However, fans were not surprised about the issue and apparently, pointing the fingers to Derek as to why the relationship failed.

Controversy has been making rounds about the news of their breakup ever since Andrea Torres deleted her posts and pictures together with the hunk actor. This was followed with the actress unfollowing him on her Instagram account. Shortly after, Derek is now spotted with another sexy model Aya Tubillo and fans were not shocked at all. Days after the breakup, the celebrity couple confirmed it but refused to dive in with the details and the reason behind.

But probably, the answer is already in front of us.

Many netizens joined in with the discussion thread and arrived with a conclusion that the actor and the fitness model is now dating. But the blame was not put on Aya, but rather on Derek.

Derek was known in the showbiz industry as a “serial-dater” and many sexy actresses and models were linked with him, including Angelica Panganiban who was also equally devastated as Andrea Torres.

Fans were also able to speculate that Derek and Aya are now hooking up with each other as the photo that they shared together is shortly deleted after it went viral. Fortunately, many were able to take a screenshot of it and posted it online for the beef.

After that, Aya decided to set her Instagram account to private when the issue came out.

Many netizens also commented that it came as no surprise for the public anymore. Some also mentioned that Derek did not get off his habit of dumping women and setting off to a new one shortly after the split.

Fans of Andrea Torres felt sorry for her, but dating a showbiz lothario is far more than what she deserved. Some of her followers also compared Aya to her. Many also sympathized with her and said that Derek is always like that, and they couldn’t wait to see who would be the next one on his list.

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