Gwapong Anak ni Niño Mulach Trending Ngayon Sa Social Media

 Former  actor and celebrity Niño Muhlach surprises his son with a very expensive gift for his birthday. His eldest son, Zandro Muhlach, recently graduated senior high school, and his father decided to provide him with a very expensive gift unimaginable for the 19-year-old.

On a vlog posted by CelebPinas, Zandro was eating breakfast on the morning of his birthday when his father, Niño, gifts him a small box containing a keychain. The teen was thankful for the nice gift, but all he thought that it was just a keychain and nothing else

Little did he know that a luxurious car was waiting for him outside their house. He bolted up and immediately went downstairs to check it out and a white newly-bought luxury car was waiting for him. The car doubles as a birthday gift for Zandro as well as a graduation gift for finishing his senior high school years. Moving in to college, the 19-year-old celebrity son will now drive his expensive sports car and impress all college girls he will meet very soon.

Truly that Niño Muhlach really loves his children, and Zandro really didn’t expect such gift from his father. He was almost in tears when he thanked his father and told him that he loves him so much. He and his younger brother, Alonzo, were both children of theactor Niño.

While only Alonzo followed the footsteps of his father in the showbiz industry, Zandro maintained a low-key lifestyle by being featured only on a few commercials and TV guesting when he was younger. But growing up, Zandro decided to focus on his studies and attend school like a normal teenager.

That is why when he finished his senior high school, his father was determined to provide him a gift that he deserve for all the hard work he put up for his studies. While he didn’t really express interest in getting into the industry his brother and father are in to, he was more determined to finish his studies and decide later on to which path he would like to take in the future.

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