Ivana Alawi , Hulog ng Langit Para sa Mga Pilipino

Filipina actress and social media star Ivana Alawi just recently hit 10 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and decides to celebrate it in a different manner.

Instead of lavishly spending her earnings from the content creation platform, she took her time on her latest vlog to walk around the city in Cagayan, Isabela to extend her helping hand to the victims of the recent Typhoon Ulysses. As part of her celebration of hitting the 10 million subscribers on her channel, she took part on the relief operations in the province and personally handed out the relief goods to those who have been affected by the recent catastrophe which she features on her latest vlog on her channel.

Her fans were amazed by this act of kindness by the YouTube star, and because of this, earned her more fame and popularity in the social media platform. Many were impressed to the actress’ kind heart, and how she didn’t let fame get into her head and do selfish ways like any other.

On her latest Instagram post, she posted a photo of her with the Alawi family including their mother, Fatima, and her siblings, Mona and Hashim. Their backdrop was adorned with golden balloon letters thanking all the people who supported and subscribed to her YouTube channel. The celebrity is now waiting for her Diamond Play Button which YouTube awards to those who have reached the 10 million mark. And what is more amazing is that Ivana reached this milestone in a span of 14 months only.

Because of this, Ivana gives back to all her fans and supporters by doing charity work for those who needed help in the provinces that were affected by the typhoon.

Her first YouTube video was uploaded in August of 2019, entitled “A Day in My Life”. The said video accumulated around 24 million views and is currently her most viewed video in her channel.

Ivana is not only popular in YouTube, in fact she had also starred on many TV series and films such as the recent movie called “Sitsit” which was debuted on the silver screen in Halloween this year.

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