Komedyanteng si Divine Trending Matapos Ipost ANg Kanyang Kasamang Lalake

 A big “sana all” for everyone who wishes to have the same love as Kapuso comedienne Divine Aucina has! The comedienne shares the love of her life on her recent Instagram posts and fans are in awe for her very handsome lover right now.

Divine Aucina was known for her roles in various GMA TV programs such as Dear Uge where she portrays the character of Devine, a sidekick of actress Eugene Domingo. She also appeared on many other shows such as Wish Ko Lang, The Boobay and Tekla Show, and Mars Pa More. Despite having known for not being as attractive as all other actresses on her generation, Divine was able to deliver laughter and entertainment with her superb comedy skills. And recently, fans were exclaiming how great her lover is looking and everyone wishes to be Divine.

Apparently, the comedienne is dating the hunk model JM De Guzman and the two seems to be getting along together pretty well as she shares Instagram posts on her social media accounts. She posted one photo of them with a caption: “Maaga ang pamasko ko, JM De Guzman. Ikaw lang sapat na.” (Christmas came early this year, JM De Guzman. You are more than enough).

Many are pointing out how lucky Divine is for having such glamorous and handsome lover as JM De Guzman. Mixed reactions from many fans and followers flooded her social media posts and we couldn’t help but mutter a big “sana all” for everyone.

However, Diving stated how she believes on traditional courting. Having the suitor come to their house and formally ask permission from her parents. She believes in this kind of courtship without having to be influenced by social media or dating apps. She wanted to have a fairy-tale kind of love where everything is magical and falls into their right places.

With JM, she felt extra loved and supported. Having met the qualifications Divine was looking for a suitor. And the glow-up truly shows in Divine as she shares her fierce looks and her nice choppy hairstyle which fans are raving about.

What do you think of JM and Divine? Are they a match truly made in heaven? Let us say altogether, “Sana All” indeed!

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