Lalake Sa Negros, Sa Butas ng Ilalim Ng Malaking Bato Na Naninirahan

 The rising case of homelessness and poverty is a decade-long problem in the Philippines and the rest of the world. Almost half of the population of the world is suffering from poverty and lack of shelter due to numerous cases and reasons. Because of this, good Samaritans and concerned citizens extend their help and use any means to reach out to those who are suffering from these conditions.

Recently, a post in Facebook went viral because of a man in Negros Occidental who is reportedly living under a huge rock. The netizen, Jelly Yanong Balaod, shared this story on her social media account with hopes of reaching out to the authorities and concerned individuals who are willing to extend their help to the old man.

According to the post, the old man named Kuya Randy was seen living under a rock in a secluded or remote place in Brgy. Minapasok Calatrava Negros Occidental.

She stated on her post that the man has been living there due to the fact that he no longer has a family, and apparently no property or shelter left for him to at least have a place to stay in. He also scavenges the garbage bins for food and sleeps on his rocky, uncomfortable shelter under a huge rock.

Jelly wanted to share his story so that at the very least, people can extend help through donations of any kind since Kuya Randy is really living under harsh conditions without a proper shelter to stay in.

photo source: Jelly Yanong Balaod
The man also exhibits unusual behavior, and shared that he had a nervous breakdown due to the harsh treatment and trauma he received in his life. He is hesitant to leave his shelter as he was deemed too shy to interact with a number of people, albeit strangers. He also told the people that he has no family to stay with, and apparently shows signs of mental problem as he mumbles things the netizen could not understand.

Photo source: Jelly Yanong Balaod

Thankfully, the post went viral and a lot of netizens donated money to Jelly so that she can extend her help to the old man to which she bought clean food and groceries for him.

Jelly also wishes for the proper authorities to seek Kuya Randy as he is evidently in desperate need of help from these agencies.

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