Magandang Anak Ni Philip Salvador , Usap Usapan Ngayon Sa Social Media.

One of the most premiered actors of all time, and renowned action star in the Philippine movie industry, Philip Salvador has proven himself as a veteran actor of the decade. He had starred on many action movies to which he won numerous awards and prestigious movie titles.

He won the Best Actor in the FAMAS, FAP Awards, and Movie Actor of the year of Star Awards for Movies back in 1986, 1994, and 1995.

In 1989, he bagged home the prestigious title of being the Box Office King of the Guillermo Memorial Scholarship Foundation Awards. And in 2009, he got the award for being the Best Supporting Actor for the Metro Manila Film Festival.

Ipe, as his onscreen nickname, was known for his many action movies and undeniably, captured not only the adoration of his female fans but also, he was an idol for most males as his charming and overwhelming masculinity is simply one of his best assets.


It is a well-known fact as well the Philip Salvador is a gun enthusiast and is known to do shooting and firing range given that he is an action star, which was deemed very useful for the scenes he needs to shoot for most of his TV shows and movie projects.

Many are also aware that Philip Salvador fathered the first-child of his former lover Kris Aquino, Joshua. And truly, he is a loving father for his children.

Not many knows though that Philip has a beautiful daughter with his former partner Vivian Dungca. The couple had a child to whom they named Denise Ysavel Salvador. The celebrity daughter is now gaining attention from her social media posts for her outstanding Italian-like beauty. Her followers are astounded with her gorgeous physique and features which she probably got from her two lovely parents.


Denise Ysavel studied and graduated Bachelor of Science in Tourism in the Holy Angel Universities in Pampanga. She shares that her graduation day was certainly the happiest moment of her life as both of her parents were able to attend and escort her during her graduation rites.

Some are wondering if Ysavel would ever consider entering the showbiz industry given the background of his father in the spotlight. Should she ever enter and decide to follow the footsteps of her father, surely that she would be teamed up with one of the most popular and handsome leading men of this generation.

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