Magandang Kapatid ni Janine Guttierrez , Usap Usapan Ngayon

 Who would have thought that the former celebrity couple Lotlot De Leon and Ramon Christopher had a daughter with beautiful blue eyes?

Yes! Meet Jessica Gutierrez, one of the children of Lotlot and Mon and sibling to actress Janine Gutierrez. Jessica astounded the fans of her celebrity family upon knowing that she had those beautiful blue eyes and having to be the only one in the family to have such.

Born on April 15, 1992, Lotlot and Mon had a child which they named Jessica. Ever since as a young girl, a lot of people mistakenly thought her to be a child of a Caucasian foreigner due to the fact that she was born with those blue eyes and natural brunette-colored hair.

While you can’t deny that she came from a celebrity family that possesses good genes, and Mon having Hispanic roots, you couldn’t actually deny that she got her nice features from her parents.

Although the siblings took different paths, Janine taking on the path of celebrity stardom following the footsteps of her mother and father, Jessica remained low-key and enjoyed her time and private life away from the spotlight. Although different choices in life, Janine and Jessica grew up together and were very close siblings.

Jessica also loves dogs and it shows through her Instagram posts. She even dedicated a special spot on her social media account only for her pet dog.

She also loves travelling and is occasionally seen with her parents and siblings abroad. She had been to many beautiful spots in the world and continues to share her love of seeing new things and experiencing more of what life has to offer. She had been to many beautiful destinations in the world, places like Tokyo, New York, Boracay, Los Angeles, and Bohol are just some to name a few.

Apart from that, Jessica also loves to hang out on beaches and is frequently seen chilling on seashores on her Instagram posts.

Also, Jessica has been featured before on a family magazine with their matriarch Pilita Corrales and mother, Lotlot De Leon along with her sister Janine back in the 1991 edition of “Gintong Mariposa”.

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