Nanay Galit Na Galit Sa Ninang Ng Kanyang Anak Dahil 1,000 Php Lang Ang Ibinigay Nito

 The most wonderful time of the year has arrived once again. People all over the world are excited to meet their family during the holidays, eat many foods during the traditional Noche Buena, and children are excited to open the gifts they will received from their lovely aunts, uncles, and most especially their beloved godparents. Filipino Christmas isn’t complete, as they say, without the Aguinaldo provided by the ninongs (godfathers) and ninangs (godmothers) which usually comes in kind or most of the time, in monetary terms.

But apparently, not only were the children excited to receive these crunchy bills during Christmas, because some parents would even solicit a specific amount of money which as they say, “were requested” by their beloved inaanaks (godchildren). Sometimes, it gets too much that it puts pressure to the godparents to suffice and provide something for them this Christmas because some mothers tend to get too demanding or too pushy to the godparents.

For instance, one mom went viral on social media for the ridiculous amount of money being smooched from her friend, which happens to be her child’s godmother.

The mom apparently demanded money worth 15,000 pesos to the ninang, which received an unfavorable remark from the godmother. According to the mother, her child wanted to travel and go to Disneyland for Christmas. That’s why she is asking her friend (the godmother) to cover up a portion of the travel expenses. She even put pressure that the child only requested one favor in her life, and it isn’t always every day that the child would ask something like that from her godmother. The godmother refused, but keeping her composure, she politely responded that she cannot simply provide that amount of money and she can only give 1,000 pesos to her godchild.

The mom got furious, and the heated conversation was posted online and immediately went viral all over social media. She told the mom that parents should be the one responsible for her child’s request, not the godparents.

Angry and disappointed, the mom mocked the godmother that the money she is offering to give to her godchild is simply just good for a day’s breakfast of her child. She even told her that she is a good-for-nothing godmother as she cannot grant the request of her godchild.

Many netizens reacted negatively to the viral post and many got mixed reactions towards the conversation, especially to the mother.

But most importantly, let us not forget that the true spirit of Christmas is not about the lavish gifts you open on Christmas Eve. Always remember that the true heart of the season is not in the material things, but to the love, care and support you give to others as you are showered with blessings this year.

Nanay Galit Na Galit Sa Ninang Ng Kanyang Anak Dahil 1,000 Php Lang Ang Ibinigay Nito Nanay Galit Na Galit Sa Ninang Ng Kanyang Anak Dahil 1,000 Php Lang Ang Ibinigay Nito Reviewed by Boom on 4:27 AM Rating: 5

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