Natatandaan Niyo Pa ba sila Bilog and Bunak ? Ito Na Sila Ngayon

 The viral siblings who gained internet fame after the elder sister named “Bilog” uploaded a video of herself singing a cover of the song “Nung Ako’y Bata Pa” while her younger brother “Bunak” was making fun of her on the side by mimicking her and making funny faces on the background.

Because of this, Bilog punched him and Bunak retaliated by punching her on the back and running away. Bilog called out to her mom crying, “Mama! Si Bunak sinuntok ako sa likod!”

The unexpectedly entertaining video went viral all over social media and even famous actors and actresses are making their own renditions of the viral video. Even netizens jumped on the hype train by re-enacting the video done by the kids.

Bilog, or Danica Tiongson in real life, did not expect for her and her brother to become a social media sensation. The two did not come from a prominent family, as their mother singlehandedly raised the two of them by selling rice cakes or kakanin in Filipino. And because of their newfound fame in the internet world, their mother sold more kakanin to her valued customers after knowing that she is the mother of the viral duo.

Their TV guestings and media appearances too helped their family earn extra income as well.

Years have passed and many wondered where this viral siblings were right now. Recently, they were featured again in GMA 7 and their glow-up was definitely noticeable now, especially Bilog or Danica!

Bilog is now a full-pledged teenager and is now attending high school. Many noticed the huge change on Bilog as she has definitely grown into a beautiful teen, and many netizens adored her glow-up, from that one of a heck meme girl to a beautiful high school teenager.

According to Bilog, the main purpose of her making the video of her singing the song few years ago is to upload it on Facebook. Not having to gain fame in mind, she only wanted for her to find their father, and that she can communicate with him even through the use of the social media platform. Until now on her recent interview, it still brings her to tears knowing the fact why she did it before. Nonetheless, she and her brother definitely brought smiles and laughs because of their unexpectedly funny video

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