New Look Ni Ivana, Usap Usapan Ngayon Sa Social Media

 The YouTube star and sexy actress Ivana Alawi receives many praise from her fans and followers after recently posting her new look in social media.

The celebrity posted a video of herself with her beautiful long hair chopped into a short curly bob-cut which drew attention from the netizens and quickly left their compliments and nice remarks about her new look. Many pointed out how her beauty stood out even more after cutting her hair and some comments also mentioned that she grew more attractive after the haircut. There are some who also said that she looked like her younger sister Mona Alawi, whom she shares her vlogs with on some prank videos and lifestyle videos. Some also joked that even if the actress would go bald, she would still be beautiful than anyone else!



Ivana Alawi, or Mariam Al-Alawi in real life, is undeniably one of the most famous internet stars right now and a rising star in the showbiz industry. Her YouTube channel has a fair-share of contribution to her growing popularity online, with a whopping 10 million subscribers. On top of that, her Instagram is also one of the most followed accounts in social media with a total of 6.5 million followers!

Ivana is also one of the top YouTube content creators in the Philippines last year, and is followed by a massive amount of other popular YouTubers such as lifestyle vlogger Zeinab Harake with an impressive amount of followers and subscribers at 8.1 million and entertainment video creator Cong TV who is also a popular Filipino YouTuber.

Ivana flaunts her new look on her Instagram stories and undeniably, she deserves to be considered as one of the most beautiful actresses of her generation including her sexy body which she also flaunts in social media out and proud.

She was also featured on a number of videos, collaborating with the popular Tulfo in Action series in YouTube which is hosted by the news anchor, Raffy Tulfo.

Because of this, Ivana immediately captures the interest of her Filipino fans because of her relatable videos and entertaining antics on her YouTube channel.

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