Ogie Diaz may Ibinunyag tungkol kay Liza Soberano At sa Darna

Ogie Diaz, manager of the famous celebrity and actress Liza Soberano, speaks out about the issue and controversy about his talent giving up the role of the Filipino heroine “Darna”.

Netizens were so excited on the flight of the new Darna that was supposed to fly on cinemas this 2021, however, plans have changed since the original casting for the title role, formerly held by Liza Soberano, was withdrawn and passed on to rising star and actress Jane De Leon.

Fans had mixed emotions regarding the backing-out of Liza, and were hesitant to accept the recasting of Jane because everyone was looking forward for Liza as the perfect casting for the role. Unfortunately, Liza backed out from the role despite the heavy martial arts training she went through for the role which amazed her fans and followers.

Now that Jane De Leon holds the title role and has begun shooting as well, Liza expressed her regrets over the role that originally belonged to her.

However, Ogie Diaz spoke out about the issue and that it is true the Liza regrets losing the role of Darna. But despite that, he also mentioned to give a chance for Jane to prove herself worthy of the role of the Pinay superhero. Although it seems like a missed opportunity for the actress, Liza still dreams of doing an action movie in the future.

Also, the decision made by Liza to withdraw from her role as Darna is because of her finger bone fracture which she got back in 2019 and it hindered her from doing heavy trainings and action scenes for the superhero role.

Many are demanding to strip Jane off the role of Darna and give it back to Liza. Ogie Diaz stated that Liza will never return to her role as Darna and he also expressed to give the chance to Jane as she was proven to be a worthy replacement for Liza. Meetings were also held that the new Darna will not be a movie anymore, but a TV series instead.

So we can all just wonder that Liza is the most beautiful Darna that we never had. Well, pretty sure there are better opportunities waiting for the young actress in the future.

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