Ogie Diaz Nagbigay Ng Opinyon Tungkol Sa Kinakaharap Ngayon ni Nadine Lustre

Talk of the town right now after Nadine Lustre resurfaced online and guested on Boy Abunda’s show where she released her statement and legal issue regarding Viva Artist Agency (VAA). The issue has been long ongoing and the actress had filed this case since January but the agency where she works on apparently has no reaction with the lawsuit.

Since then, Nadine immediately brought it up for the public to know how Viva handles their talents. She even goes about saying that the Viva Artist Agency is “predatory, oppressive, abusive, and manipulative”. The case is now being handled by well-known lawyer Lorna Kapunan and Viva retaliates with a statement saying that the actress is tied up with her contract to the agency unti 2029, which means that she still has 9 years left before she can be freed from the contract she signed with the agency. Viva now filed a counter-case towards the actress for breach of contract.

That’s why Ogie Diaz, a talent manager, gives his statement and comment regarding Nadine’s issue with the Viva Artist Agency. On his YouTube channel, Ogie expresses his own opinion regarding the lawsuit but he clearly states that he has nothing against Nadine Lustre.

However, he also points out the thing when signing contracts. If you sign it, according to Ogie, you abide by its conditions and agree with the rules of the management for a certain period of time upon completion. Otherwise, you will have breached it then what’s the point of signing contracts?

Nadine’s side also adds up that she has each and every right to terminate the contract or resign from it as she is the principal author. Ever since the pandemic, Nadine has been self-managing and wishes to release herself from the talent agency.

Ogie also pointed out how this is the problem with stars reaching their fame and popularity or getting a big break for their career. There are celebrities who try and breach their contract from their mother company who groomed them to reach the status of their career. However, with Nadine getting endorsements from luxury brands such as Versace, she now desires to abandon the apparent contract that is being held to her by Viva.

Although the talent manager did not mention names or point fingers throughout his vlog, many fans were certain that the issue he was talking about in his channel is directed to Nadine Lustre. He also threw a shade at the end of his vlog saying “Learn to read your contracts next time before signing one.”

Ogie Diaz Nagbigay Ng Opinyon Tungkol Sa Kinakaharap Ngayon ni Nadine Lustre Ogie Diaz Nagbigay Ng Opinyon Tungkol Sa Kinakaharap Ngayon ni Nadine Lustre Reviewed by Boom on 6:41 AM Rating: 5

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