Sachzna Laparan Nagsalita Na Tungkol Sa Pagka buwag ng Team JOSA


Many fans were deeply saddened by the recent news of Team Josa’s split after five years of dating and collaborating together as YouTube content creators. Sachzna Laparan and Jomar Lovena are internet sensations known for their romantic and kilig couple vlogs known by many of their fans as Team Josa. The two apparently decided to split up because of a number of reasons that the two vaguely spilled upon their audience.

Sachzna Laparan decided to break her silence regarding the issue and stated that they are officially no longer a couple.

This also means that the loveteam will not be making any more videos in the future together, and would only pursue their personal growth on their own channels. According to Sachzna, she decided to speak out so that no other people will be involved on their issue as it was a matter concerning their privacy. She also requested her followers to refrain from making any more comments or assumptions as to why their relationship failed because it is only between the two of them.

Apparently, the two decided to go on separate ways so that they can focus on their personal growth.

While this is a very sad news for their fans and avid followers of their vlogs on YouTube, Sachzna proudly displays her golden play button plaque awarded by YouTube to creators with a million subscribers already. Sachzna recalls how Jomar and she planned to do an unboxing video together of the award but apparently, it only appears that she will do it alone instead.

While Sachzna bears no ill-will towards the decision of Jomar, she wishes to continue supporting both vlogs and channels and contents to be produced by the two of them. She also expresses her support to Jomar who aspires to become a film director soon, and she claims that is all for the better.

Many fans stated how they feel towards Sachzna and that the YouTuber has sincerely fallen in love with her loveteam. However, after five years of making content together, Jomar apparently ceased their collaborations together and finally decided to do a shift of career.

Sachzna did not disclose any other information regarding their split, but encourages her fans to support the endeavors they wish to pursue separately in the future.

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