Vlogger na Si Zeinab Harake Ipinatulfo Ng Kanyang Kaibigan

 Fans were shocked when Zeinab Harake was reported to Raffy Tulfo in Action for apparently scamming her friend and fellow YouTube vlogger, Wilbert Tolentino.

The two collaborated before in a vlog called “Itlog Challenge” where the two bet on fifty-thousand pesos. So her friend, Wilbert, decided to prank Zeinab to an apparent report to Raffy Tulfo in Action. The celebrity was pranked on a Tulfo episode last December 28, 2020.

Wilbert concocted an issue of scamming done by Zeinab on the apparent corrupted file that was supposed to be a video episode on their channel. At first, the celebrity was not hostile towards her friend, but later on, the prank turned into a heated conversation when Zeinab called Wilbert out for “lying” and stressing her out. Zeinab however, was willing to put out the receipts and screenshots on her phone to prove her innocence. Turns out that Zeinab was really falling in to the prank trap!

The two were very close to each other and Zeinab really stood her ground and full respect towards her friend even though she was evidently getting angry. She also pointed out that the “issue” was too petty to be dragged on to the Raffy Tulfo in Action channel, and her named dragged on without knowing that the whole episode was a prank on her.

Wilbert tries so hard to infuriate his friend on the prank and Zeinab was truly biting on the bait, but she continues to prove her innocence to her audience.

There are two other accomplices to the prank which is also very close to Zeinab, including her manager.

Wilbert and Raffy Tulfo later on revealed that the whole episode in the Tulfo was all a prank and Zeinab was very surprised. But Zeinab however, mentions that she will continue the case of libel for Raffy Tulfo.

Raffy Tulfo was very much surprised and apologized for Zeinab. However, Wilbert turns out to be the one being prank in the end and actually, Zeinab and Raffy were the ones who are accomplices behind the prank!

Zeinab truly is the master prankster of all and she proves it on air on the Tulfo channel.

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