Dating PBB Star , Nacomatose ng Tatlong Araw

 A life-threatening episode on the life of one-half of the Agpangan twins happened during the Christmas holidays of 2020. Jai Agpangan, a former PBB housemate along with her twin sister Joj, shared her traumatic experience on Instagram and YouTube where she bursts into tears recalling the incident.

Apparently, Jai stated on her official post that the incident happened during the holidays, just before Christmas. Unknowingly, Jai suddenly vomited nonstop amidst cooking dinner. The celebrity admitted that she refused to seek medical help right away, and instead, asked her younger sister Jasper to call for a masseuse. In the middle of the massage, she passed out and fainted which alarmed her grandmother and immediately called for emergency.

Jai was rushed to the hospital and was put into comatose for the rest of the holiday season of December 24 until 26. On the 27th, the celebrity recalls that she woke up after the deep-sleep which immediately fired concern and worry due to this very traumatic incident that occurred to her.

She couldn’t help but be grateful that she survived this horrific incident of her life.

While they couldn’t exactly point out the main reason for the incident, the doctors stated on her medical records that the episode happened due to an infected piercing on her ear which led to vomiting and seizures for the actress.

Now that she is alive and well, Jai encouraged everyone to live a healthy lifestyle and be very careful in terms of their health and welfare. She also stated that she was lucky to have been alive after being comatose for days, saying that life is a blessing and that the incident served as an eye-opener not only for her, but also for her family and the people around her.

Despite that pain and hardships she has undergone throughout the whole process, Jai says she remained strong, resilient, and kept on fighting for her family who would be very sad if it happens that the incident turned into a tragedy.

Joj also took her sentiments through her social media with regards to the concerning event that happened to her twin sister.

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