Lalake Trending Matapos Makipag Talo sa Traffic Officer Na Nanghuli sa Kanya

 Embarassing things often happen on traffic violators who go viral on social media for their rude behavior and absurd reasoning to get away from the violation and penalty by the law enforcers.

True enough, another motorist in the Philippines goes viral for his rude behavior and laughable reasoning to the law enforcers who caught him and issued him a ticket for his violation.

The rider backrides his girlfriend on his motorcycle. While he wears a mask and a helmet, his backride and girlfriend doesn’t wear helmet which is a clear violation of the most basic rules on the road when riding motorcycle. While this is only for the safety of the passenger, the motorist goes wild and behaves rudely around the enforcers who caught them on the road.

He would point at the enforcer’s camera, saying, “Bakit ka nagvi-video? Para mag-viral? It’s crazy, man!” (Why are you taking a video? You want it to go viral? It’s crazy, man!)

He also retaliated to the enforcer trying to divert the attention away from his actual violation, “Covid-19? Nasaan ang social distancing nyo dyan?” (Covid-19? Where’s your social distancing there?)

His girlfriend, and backride, stops him from making any more scene as they are being issue a ticket for the violation. Embarrassing enough, the man didn’t stop making more scene and throwing more embarrassing statements which didn’t actually humiliate the enforcers, but rather humiliated his girlfriend even more.

The man also insisted he wore a full gear—helmet, mask, and all—and it was his girlfriend who was supposed to receive the violation. He pushed on by saying that he is the driver who wears a complete gear, and it was his back ride that violated the rules.

Pissed off, the man walked away from the scene with the officers laughing at him for his reasoning.

Netizens were quick to react to the odd reasoning of the man on the video. For all we know, drivers bear the responsibility on the road, and passengers are out from the list of violations. Many called out to LTO (Land Transportation Office) to revoke his license as he doesn’t have enough knowledge about the traffic rules and regulations in the country.

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