Liza Soberano Celebrates 23rd Birthday


Once regarded as the most beautiful face in the Philippines, Liza Soberano never ceases to amaze her wonderful fans with her grace and confidence that even international stars from USA and South Korea were captured by her mesmerizing appeal. No wonder that the Star Magic actress is one of the most popular celebrities in her generation.

Many also voted for her to be the next Darna, a Filipina superheroine, but she had to turn down the opportunity because of the fracture on her hand while doing her trainings for the supposed role that she was about to fulfill. But due to the unfortunate incident, she was removed from the title role and had to pass it down to Jane De Leon.

However, fans were still there for Liza and even supported her previous shows prior to the shutdown of her home network. The soap opera where she last taped in, Make it With You, along with her on-screen and real-life partner, Enrique Gil, was also discontinued due to the pandemic and the shutting down of ABS-CBN.

After that, not much was heard from the actress aside from her vlog on her new YouTube channel where her fans could get a glimpse of what Liza does on an everyday basis.

Recently on her Instagram, fans and followers of the actress were wowed by the pictures she posted on her account. The actress wears a beautiful red and black patterned dress as she breathes in the salty sea air riding a steamboat during her 23rd birthday celebration.

The actress holds a nice cocktail as she smiles with her cherry red lipstick in front of the camera. She also posted another photo on her Instagram account where she flaunts her beautiful brown hair chopped short for a new and refreshing look this new year.

Fans couldn’t help but be awed by the young actress and were truly captivated by her wondrous beauty.

Truly that the actress is now a full-grown adult and many are wondering if she would be ready to take on some more daring roles apart from her sweet image she often portray on her TV shows and movies.

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