Liza Soberano Hindi Makapaniwala Na Marunong Na Siya ng Surfing

 A proud moment was shared by actress Liza Soberano in her social media account when she learned how to surf for the first time in the beautiful island of Siargao in 2021. The actress took the opportunity to learn how to surf as the island was known for its beautiful beaches, and ideal waves for surfing. Siargao is also a popular tourist destination in the Philippines for surfers and beach-hoppers all over the world.
Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil took their time off to the province as their first getaway in 2021. The couple shared good memories and sweet photos together as they spend their vacation in Siargao. They also took their families with them as they celebrated Liza’s birthday on the sandy shores of Siargao.

She wrote on her Instagram post, “23. Thank you so much for all the greetings and wishes.”
The couple also shared a heartwarming food that welcomed them on a boodle fight with the name of the loveteam creatively written on it.

The celebrities’ Instagram feeds are filled with beautiful, breathtaking, and aesthetic photos together as they stroll on the shores of the beach. Liza also shared a wonderful moment and milestone on her life as they spend their vacation on Siargao—it is to learn how to surf!
The actress immediately shared this fond moment on her Instagram when she first learned how to surf, thanks to guides and surfers who assisted her as she takes on a surfboard and rides on the waves. She also proudly posed holding a surfboard ready to dance with the waves of the oceans.


“I can’t believe I know how to surf and now I just can’t wait to surf again,” Liza wrote on her IG.
She also added, “Siargao has a special place in our hearts thanks to how sweet everybody is, even the locals who would wait for us on their little boats were so sweet and respectful.”
Following a series of photos taken along with their family members, the couple and their respective families indeed had a wonderful time in their Siargao trip. Surely, the actress couldn’t wait to take on her surfboard and ride the waves once again.

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