Mga Kabataang Pinoy Na Sobrang Yaman Pala, Kilalanin Kung Sino Sino SIla


Ever heard of the Netflix show Crazy Rich Asians? Well, truly that there are tremendously rich wives of business tycoons in the country, and of course the media wouldn’t let slip from their eyes the children who are equally, crazy rich as their parents.

Meet this new generation of crazy rich kids hailed from the Pearl of the Orient Sea.

1.    KC Del Rosario. Born from her Filipina mother, Evangeline Del Rosario, and the Prince of Brunei, Prince Jefri Bolkiah, royal blood undeniably runs through her veins. A true princess by birthright, KC often shares her wondrous lifestyle whether it be on her Forbes Park mansion or casually pet tiger cubs on her world travels, it is truly adoring to see a slice of life of this luxurious lady.

2.    Dominic Cojuangco. This girl needs no introduction as her name has been all over magazines and headlines due to her being the daughter of the richest business tycoon, Tonyboy Cojuangco with actress Gretchen Barretto. The highlight of her rich kid status is probably being part of the prestigious Le Bal des Debutantes and not to mention the huge luxury bags collection of her mother which includes brands such as Hermes, Chanel, and Goyard.

3.    Daniel Miranda. Hailed from the family and lineage of Lhuillier, Daniel’s family background owns the largest and one of the oldest pawnshop chain in the Philippines. He only made headlines recently after his relationship with Sofia Andres went out in public. The young lad also had extreme hobbies such as racing and had raced on many countries in Southeast Asia.

4.    Rocio Zobel. The Zobels are one of those low-key crazy rich clans in the country, and because of Rocio, we get to see a glimpse of their lifestyle which almost remains private and secret for the rest of the family. Her father, Inigo Zobel ranked 18th of the Forbes’ Philippines 50 Richest 2020. On Rocio’s Instagram photos, the media and public eye get to see the luxurious life they are living including the Zobel vacation houses and international properties.

5.    Allison Laude. At a very young age, Allison enjoys the perks of being a child of entrepreneurs Philip and Small Laude which both equally owns expensive real estate properties and a collection of Chanel bags.

6.    Sandro Marcos. Son of a renowned politician, Bong Bong Marcos and Liza Araneta-Marcos, this boy has remained on the rich-kid list for years. Although his father’s family name was tarnished by the apparent ill-gotten wealth controversy, he is still a rich kid by name through her mother’s lineage who descended from one of the wealthiest families in the Philippines.

7.    Dian Seranilla. Her name may not ring a bell for you, but she was made famous as the debutante who occupied the entire Mall of Asia arena which house a 15,000-people capacity during her 18th birthday. It was reported that her family apparently spent 4.7 million pesos for the spectacular and grandiose birthday celebration. She also shows off her rich-kid status by joining the Royal Ascot and her exclusive plane photos.

8.    Jimuel Pacquiao. While his family name has been a staple in the sports entertainment and list of wealthy personalities thanks to his father Manny Pacquaio, Jimuel has acquired the official A-Lister rich kid on the block. He drives on an 8.5 million Chevrolet Corvette and his collection of designer brand luxury shoes. Not to mention that her mother has a fair-share of expensive hobby which includes a long line of luxury Hermes and Chanel bags to be exact.

9.    Milka Romero. Last on but certainly not the list, Milka deserves to be on the spotlight of the rich-kid list in the country not because his father Mikee Romero, a port tycoon which has a total of 6.5 billion peso net worth, but because Milka has earned her way to be a part of the list. She decided to open her first restaurant at 19 years old, and now she is a huge name in the restaurateur business empire hailing numerous chains of restaurants such as Sushi Nori, Ms. Gee, Drynk, Desserts by Yelo Yelo, and Wow Wok all managed under her namesake.

Source: COSMO.PH

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