Nasaan Na Nga Ba Si Tobey Maguire ? Heto Na Siya Ngayon

 Many of the fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe truly loved the character of Spider-Man and undeniably, he is one of the most famous comic book characters of all time. Even the creator of the Marvel comics, the legend Stan Lee, also stated that his favorite character of all his creations is none other than Spider-Man. And truly, one of the best actors that ever portrayed the role on its film adaptation is the actor Tobey Maguire.

But fans were left wondered why the actor never showed up as the all-time favorite superhero in the succeeding films in the franchise. After the third installment of the Spider-Man movies, Tobey wasn’t seen anymore since he was already replaced by Andrew Garfield.

Many speculations rose up as to why the producers from Sony Entertainment replaced the actor, but one fact that is underrated on the news was that Tobey actually demanded a raise from the management after the third movie. News broke out that the actor was replaced after the demand. Apparently, the actor happens to be disappointed that the producers of the film earned more than he did in the previous films he took part in.

But after they replaced him, many of the fans were demanding for Tobey to play the role of Spider-Man again for the succeeding franchise. But according to his manager, Tobey cannot do the stunts anymore which is demanded by the role of Spider-Man, due to the fact that the actor is having back problems and cannot duly perform or take up the role again.

However, the producers of Sony Entertainment were not convinced about Tobey’s back injuries and insisted that the actor only wanted a raise on his talent fee to portray the role again. That’s why the company refused to rehire the actor again.

Aside from that, the last movie, “Spider-Man 3” actually didn’t earn that much in the blockbuster. And fans were disappointed as to how the movie did not meet their apparent expectations.

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