Ninong Naparealtalk Matapos Di Daw Matuwa Ang Inaanak sa 250 Pesos Na Regalo Nito

 A lot of people says that Christmas is only for children. This time of the year where the season of gift-giving is truly enjoyed by everyone, especially by the younger ones who often receive presents and the traditional Filipino Aguinaldo from their ninongs and ninangs.
But the world seemingly changes along with the usual simple presents received by godchildren during Christmas, it turns out that the demands also leveled up and evolved through time. Back then, children are happy whatever they receive from their godparents. Now, children are still happy with what is given to them, but apparently, parents got a bitter taste on their mouth when they their child didn’t receive something generous or grandiose from their godfathers and godmothers.

A lot of mothers go viral during the Christmas season because of their demands to the ninongs and ninangs of their children to give their godchild something ridiculously big and expensive for Christmas.
But given the situation nowadays, especially with the pandemic spreading all over the world, times are tough and so is the budget for the season of giving.
Another mother apparently got internet attention again after she complained for the 250-peso money gift of her child from the godfather.


The netizen, Raevin Amanete Bonifacio, posted the nasty remark he received from the mother of his godchild. As per the Facebook post, the mother got disappointed for her child receiving only 250 pesos from his ninong this Christmas.
He gave a rebuttal towards her, telling her that she should at least be thankful that he did not forget to give something to her child this Christmas. Raevin also pointed out that he wasn’t even on the day that the child was christened, and for the record, he wasn’t even on the list of people invited on that day.
He also said that at least he gave something for the child even if everyone is experiencing crisis nowadays. He also pointed out that it doesn’t seem that the child was the one complaining but rather it was a nasty demanding attitude coming from an adult.
The post serves as a quick reminder to be grateful for whatever we receive. Also, godparents are not milking cows exploited by the parents of the godchildren. It will always be the responsibility of the parents to attend to the needs and wants of their child, and the godparents will just be there to provide support, help, and advice to guide the child as he grows up to a productive citizen of the country.

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