Ogie Diaz Reveals " May Mga Artista Na Hindi Pwedeng Bumalik Sa ABSCBN"

 News are out from straight from the horse’s mouth. The Senate has formally introduced to the public that ABS-CBN will be given a fresh franchise renewal for 25 years. As per Tito Sotto, the head of the Senate right now, they have decided to provide the network a renewal and that the network can resume its operations in the news and entertainment industry.

However, talent manager Ogie Diaz drops a hint that there will be celebrities who are not welcome anymore to go back to the network.

In his YouTube channel, together with Mama Loi, the talent manager hinted that some talents, artists, and media personalities will not be able to go back to ABS-CBN once its franchise renewal take into effect.

However, he did not name these celebrities in his blind item. Although he did mention clues on who are these people.

According to Ogie, celebrities who decided to leave the network when it was shut down and moved to the other networks TV5 and GMA 7, therefore cannot go back to their home network anymore. Especially if the actor or actress is bound with a contract on the said network. However, celebrities who decided to swim on the other pond and decided to go back to ABS-CBN, then they will be welcomed with open arms, except of course if you bad-mouthed the network to others.

Even staffs and production staffs were also mentioned by Ogie that might not possibly go back to the network upon its renewal.

Although the network shows its utmost concern to their talents and crew especially that they were shut down during the pandemic, the network was also hurt that there are some on the list Ogie mentioned that suddenly disappeared and then reappeared on the other network. While this doesn’t concern ABS-CBN anymore as it is within the celebrities and staff to decide what will make them earn for a living for their family, what the network didn’t like about that fact is that there are celebrities and production members who left without prior notice or even informing the management.

Ogie Diaz Reveals " May Mga Artista Na Hindi Pwedeng Bumalik Sa ABSCBN" Ogie Diaz Reveals " May Mga Artista Na Hindi Pwedeng Bumalik Sa ABSCBN" Reviewed by Boom on 1:01 AM Rating: 5

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