Pinay Ginulat Ang Marami sa Kanyang Nakakamanghang Glow Up Transformation

Talk of the town right now is the Filipina girl named Alexis Corbi after she shared her photos from when she was a child up to now that she is a fully-grown young lady. A huge change is easily noticeable from the pictures and netizens can’t help but awe on the following photos.

Many pointed out Alexis’ major change in appearance and skin tone. Alexis is a student from De La Salle University taking up Bachelor of Science in Tourism for her high hopes and dreams of becoming a flight attendant someday.

The young lady became an easy internet sensation after she shared photos of herself transitioning from her childhood days through puberty stage. She shares her photo of before and after puberty and many of her followers were in shock for the huge change that occurred to her appearance.

We can see that on her photo taken when she was 7 years old, we can clearly notice that nothing is so special about how she looks like. Just a typical Filipina child with a morena skin.

Almost seemingly like a caterpillar, Alexis grew and grew into a beautiful butterfly slowly as she phases through the stages of her life.

Entering puberty and adolescence, Alexis had drastic changes on her appearance. She’s growing more attractive and beautiful as her appearance matures. Her skin tone also changed from being morena to a fair-skinned Filipina.

Many also noticed her change in her taste in fashion and the way she carries herself. Because of these photos, Alexis instantly became viral and her story of transformation inspired so many to wait until it’s their time to shine.

Her viral photos were captioned, “When Puberty Hits You Hard”, garnered a number of reactions and shares on Facebook.

According to Alexis, she did not undergo any form of plastic surgery and everything is natural. She also didn’t take any whitening supplements to achieve her look right now. She only stated that she rarely goes out of the house, which could explain why she had a naturally fair skin.

“I never used any whitening supplements nor undergo any surgery!!! Thank you
P.S Hindi na din ako nag lalalabas ng bahay nung high school kasi inaasar na akong negra”, Alexis stated on her social media account.

From an ugly caterpillar, Alexis Corbi indeed grew up and blossomed into an exceptionally beautiful butterfly.

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