Rider Napaiyak Matapos Ma SCAM ng Prank Caller ng 2500 php

 These days many lost their jobs and living most especially those businesses who have to close down or cut-off their manpower just to continue operating. Many people who lost their jobs struggled to make ends meet, and some would take odd jobs such as delivery riders for certain commodities. Companies like Grab, Lalamove, Mr. Speedy, Food Panda and others offered job opportunities to riders to earn a living during the crisis.

However, some heartless beings continue to pull pranks and make the lives of others harder. Many riders shared their stories of being pranked and even scammed by their customers by ordering ridiculous amounts of goods through the cash-on-delivery features of these services and then afterwards, ghosting the poor rider and losing more money for those who try to earn a decent living. Many stories went viral online about these riders being scammed or misled by these abusive customers who do nothing but pick on these riders.

One story seem to go viral once again about a rider who bursts into tears after being scammed by his customer. The customer asked to purchase goods through 7Eleven, not knowing that the barcode provided to him would mean a cash-in to the customer’s GCash account amounting to a total of 2,600 pesos. While to some, this may not be much of a money compared to others, but given the difficult situation we are in, and most riders would owe these money to loan sharks, we couldn’t blame them for bursting into tears knowing that they have lost their hard-earned money.

That’s why to protect the riders, delivery companies implemented a cash-on-delivery limit for customers and opt to pay cashless already so as to prevent the spread of virus as well and avoid the unfortunate incidents that riders have to go through.

Fortunate enough, after going viral, many netizens offered their help and some would even provide financial donations to the rider who got scammed by his customer. One netizen even offered him to return the money that he had lost in full amount through his GCash account.

The netizen mentioned that he is not rich or well-off, neither is he a saint of a good man but he know for sure what is right and what is wrong to be done to others. He encouraged everyone to be nicer to these riders as they face the perils on the road and risk their lives to deliver our packages.

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