Rob Moya Tuluyan Nang Umalis Sa Bahay Ng Ex Girlfriend Na si Toni Fowler

 After confirming the breakup issue, Rob Moya finally decided to move out of ex-girlfriend and partner Toni Fowler’s house. The two confirmed their split on their own respective vlogs and fans and followers of the vlogger couple were deeply saddened about the news.

By far everyone remembers the struggles and trials the two faced together as couple especially during the time Toni was being set on fire for having an affair with fellow vlogger King Badger who is married to internet star Jelai Andres. Rob Moya stick with Toni despite the hateful comments thrown at her, and the couple became stronger ever not until they announced to the public that they will be parting ways.

Rob admitted on his vlog that it was both their decision to finally end the relationship because of certain things they couldn’t agree on, which he decided to keep on private from his followers. Although he mentioned on his video that it was neither Toni’s fault nor his that the relationship failed, and they also attempted to patch things up with each other. But eventually, their decision concluded on a breakup.

On Rob’s recent vlog, he shows he moves out from Toni Fowler’s house and takes his things from their former home. He also showed the house where he moved in, and goes on another day to return to Toni’s place to fetch more of this personal belongings. Toni also volunteered to help Rob pack his things up, and showed a strong face and composure despite the inevitable pain of parting ways with your partner.

Rob also mentioned he didn’t have any other relationship like he did with Toni Fowler. He also lifted up Toni’s name despite the negative comments and rumors surfacing in the internet regarding their split. Although he mentioned a few people in his vlog, which he decided not to namedrop, that he can’t simply forgive for what these people have done to end their relationship.

Apparently, there were people involved behind and in their personal lives as to how the relationship end up.

Fans were still hopeful that the entire shenanigan is just a prank video which the vloggers were famous for. Many are hopeful that the two will also comeback to each other as they were deemed to be the perfect couple.

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