Siya Pala Ang Magandang Kapatid ni Daniel Padilla, Kilalanin Siya Dito

One of the most popular actors of the generation now, Daniel Padilla is undeniably the Teen King alongside with his queen and real-life partner, Kathryn Bernardo. The couple’s famous loveteam KathNiel earned a huge fan base among many teens and young adults that’s why the two are probably the most famous actor and actress of their generation.

Despite being the Teen King, for all we know that Daniel came from a renowned family of actors and actresses in the showbiz industry. Born from celebrity parents, Rommel Padilla and Karla Estrada, Daniel really inherited the good looks and charming personalities of the Padilla brothers, his father and uncles. Daniel also made a name for himself in the industry and slowly follows the footsteps of his bloodline to stardom.

But did you know that trending right now is Daniel Padilla’s half-sister? Trending in social media, Roanne Padilla, a half-sister of the actor to their father Rommel and non-showbiz wife Anebelle Antonio who is a half-German and half-Filipino descent. Many fans and followers are on the headlines putting up Roanne into the spotlight. A lot of netizens were simply mesmerized and charmed by Daniel’s half-sister, and netizens couldn’t stop talking about her recently.

Roanne Padilla, although chose to live a quiet life and privacy by not entering the showbiz world as her father and siblings, suddenly gained internet attention for her beauty and charisma which she apparently got from the Padillas.

Despite being half-siblings, it did not hinder for Daniel and Roanne to be close to each other. In fact, she was also close to Daniel’s girlfriend, Kathryn Bernardo.

Choosing not to enter showbiz, Roanne still has fame on her hands as her Instagram account is followed by 85,000 followers.

Although Roanne’s heart is not for the acting industry and entertainment, she fancies herself on traveling and blogging her adventures through photographs. The internet celebrity is very active on Instagram, and normally puts up photos every now and then, most especially a documentation of her recent travels abroad and all over the world. Roanne currently resides in Australia, and works as a design consultant for a brand.

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