Babaeng Taga Camsur, Tinaguriang Liza Soberano ng Tiktok

 Filipina actress Liza Soberano is undeniably one of the most beautiful faces of the showbiz industry. True enough, Liza has captured the eyes of not only of local celebrities but also international celebrities like Justin Bieber. But we all know for sure that Liza’s only love interest is her real-life boyfriend Enrique Gil.

Many stars also adore the actress and because of that, many acting opportunities opened up for Liza and she was even given a major role of playing the new adaptation of the classic Darna movies. Unfortunately, Liza had to drop the role because of a fracture on her finger. Because of this, the management had to recast Jane De Leon for the titular role.

But recently, a viral TikTok user made rounds on social media when netizens noticed that she resembled the looks and fine beauty of Liza Soberano. For most people who viewed her videos on TikTok, many really commend May Daplas, the Liza Soberano of TikTok because according to her followers, she is a complete look-alike of the famous actress.

Pictures of May and Liza were also placed side-by-side by some netizens to really compare their looks with each other.

May Daplas, a young teenager from the province of Camarines Sur in the Philippines, made rounds on social media when netizens noticed she looked like Liza. Although many would mention that they don’t really look like each other, but many videos on her TikTok account proved that she looked like Liza during her younger days.

Although the photos don’t do much justice to prove their resemblance, videos made by May prove that she is the look-alike of Liza. She had angles and views made her really look like Liza during her early stages in the showbiz industry.

Many netizens also debate if she really looked like Liza as many claim that Liza has a unique beauty and simply incomparable from others. Though the two young ladies are equally beautiful on their own ways, we cannot deny that they have a huge resemblance with each other especially when May would rock her dance moves on her videos.

What are your thoughts? Do they look like each other or not? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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