Behind The Scene ng Paubaya MV, Umani ng Iba't Ibang Reaksiyon

 A heartfelt story of love and forgiveness is embodied on the newest album of phenomenal singer Moira Dela Torre, “Patawad” is a lovely masterpiece on its own which tackled the many definitions of love and its many facets in our life.

One of the most popular single of the album entitled “Paubaya” became one of the biggest hits of the singer as it really touches the heart of not only those who have gone through the same experience, but also those who are yet to experience such. That’s why Moira featured on her vlog the behind-the-scenes of the making of the song and the music video as well.

Through the songwriting process, Moira’s husband came up with a poem and the singer thought of a melody. Being locked down on the US during the pandemic, Moira and her husband took the time to work on the song and shared it to a few fans for the exclusive preview of the song. According to her, a fan came up with the title Paubaya and was later on adapted to be its official title.

Moira also shared why Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia was chosen to portray the characters on her music video, and for them, they were one of the biggest fans of the couple in and off the camera. In addition to that, they were really good friends. And after the couple announced their breakup, Moira thought of having them be featured on the music video because of their promising chemistry.

On top of that, Moira also shared her experiences working with the directors and her staff who are all equally fair in treating each and everyone’s ideas and taking them into consideration to put up this masterpiece.

And when asked why Moira decided to drop this heartbreaking track on Valentine’s Day, she explained that for her, love is not only about being together, but also being apart from each other and forgiving one another’s shortcomings. In life, as she said, love is also being free from each other because you are matured enough to know that you are blessed and grateful to be able to share love with this wonderful person even in a short period of time.

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