Black Pink Member Jennie Kim Nakikipagdate Na Nga Ba Sa ISang Kpop Star

News are out and fans are rejoicing upon knowing that their two favorite K-Pop stars G-Dragon and the member of the famous girl group BlackPink, Jennie, is now officially dating each other!

The two were no strangers with each other as they have previously met back in 2012. Jennie first made her appearance and took her step on the entertainment industry when she starred on one of G-Dragon’s music videos. The BlackPink star was featured on the role of G-Dragon’s leading lady on his music video for the song, “The XX”. And it was now clear to everyone that the two had sparked chemistry with each other off-cam.



According to the news page, Dispatch, the celebrity couple started seeing and dating each other over a year ago. Since they want to keep their relationship a secret, especially from the public eye, the couple would rendezvous with each other on G-Dragon’s penthouse. News reportedly said that Jennie had her private van registered on G-Dragon’s villa. Very often that many people would say they would see Jennie’s van pass through the main gate without any security procedures done and would eventually head straight to G-Dragon’s private elevator up to his house.

It was also reported that despite BlackPink’s busy schedule, Jennie would find the time to go and visit her boyfriend or even go out on a date with him.

However, their relationship was an open secret within their management, YG Entertainment. Sources also mentioned that it is the responsibility of Jennie’s manager to drop her off at G-Dragon’s house and sometimes would also be a job done by G-Dragon’s manager.

G-Dragon would also visit Jennie on the set or practice of BlackPink to provide support to his girlfriend’s career. Last year, when Blackpink was filming music videos for their first full-album, G-Dragon personally visited the site as an encouragement as YG sunbae and boyfriend for the darling Jennie.

On January 31, Jennie was spotted being dropped off at G-Dragon’s penthouse and villa when she left for “The Show” stage. Later that day as well, G-Dragon’s car was seen on KINTEX where the “Show” was filmed.

When reports came out, YG decided to speak out and mention that the company has not provided any confirmations regarding the private lives of their artists and asked for the understanding of the fans and media.

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