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Many netizens were in awe after seeing the photos from the post of former PBA player Benedict Fernandez III and his partner Michelle Gujer this year during Valentine’s Day.

The basketball star had a grand preparation and surprise for his partner which gathered a lot of reactions from netizens simply because how extra it was! Benedict decided to surprise his special someone this Valentine’s Day and everyone can admit that it was truly a dream come true and a sight to look at during the day of romance and love.

On Instagram, Michelle Gujer shares numerous photos taken when Benedict surprised her with lots of red heart-shaped balloons that covered the entire ceiling of the room, and a lot of red balloons on the floor as well. Red roses topped each and every corner of the house and you can only imagine how Michelle happily walked through each and every inch of Benedict’s grandiose surprise.

He also included a present for her, which is a large bouquet of flowers and a box filled with burgers. Michelle wrote on her Instagram post, “Hi! I have a crazy boyfriend, his name is Ben. And he has been this crazy sweet since 2016”

She also added, “Happy Valentine’s Day my love, you definitely made this day a 'Sana All' day. I love you!"


Even their daughter, Vera, was gushing over her father’s surprise for her mom. Her smile added extra sweetness on the photos posted by her parents on their social media accounts.

On the other hand, Benedict also posted photos on his Instagram account and wrote endearing words for his partner in life.

“I love making her heart melt. I love you baby!” the former PBA player wrote.

The photos gained mixed reactions among netizens upon seeing the posts that circulate on the internet. Many were gushing and muttering “Sana All” over the photos, but many also felt concerned regarding the environment, considering the amount of balloons and other non-biodegradable items that were bought and used to execute the grand surprise for Michelle Gujer.

Many expressed their concern to the environment as most of these materials used in the surprise such as the balloons will only hype on the day of Valentine’s, and then later forgotten and thrown to the trash which would eventually lead into the landfill. Furthermore, this massive amount of balloons also contribute to pollution that would certainly end up in the oceans as trash.

Although we can admit that his gestures was romantic, many couldn’t seem to brush off the environmental concerns and problems it would present later in the future.

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