Erich , Sofia Andres Ibinunyag Ang Tunay Na Ugali Ni Kathryn Bernardo

 Netizens were shocked when Sofia Andres dropped a huge revelation about her and fellow celebrity and actress Kathryn Bernardo. Apparently, Sofia decided to reveal Kathryn’s real attitude apart from the face she shows off on screen. More than a pretty face, Kathryn is so much more for Sofia Andres, and here’s why.

The world of showbiz industry is a complete hassle and bustle, and for Sofia, Kathryn Bernardo is not like any other actresses. In fact, of all the people she met in the industry, Kathryn is one of a kind. For her, she revealed that Kathryn is her most trusted friend.

She talks about on Erich Gonzales’ vlog recently, her relationship towards Kathryn. Uploaded last January 21, Sofia Andres talks about her life and specifically, the bonds she formed on the showbiz industry.

From the title itself, “Heart to Heart Talk with Sofia Andres”, she reveals how Kathryn has been her most trusted friend ever since. Sofia opens up about the friendships and bonds she formed working in the industry and said that she has always been picky on choosing who to be friends with and who to trust especially in their world, where everyone seemingly puts up a straight face for the show. Real friendships are hard to come by.

Most especially from her past experiences, she had a hard time opening up with others especially in the showbiz industry. For her, being friends with someone really consumes energy and Erich agreed to Sofia’s statement when it comes to friendships.

“Na-explain ko na sa kanila (subscribers) na mayroon talagang energy vampire na sina-suck yung energy mo eh.” – Erich on talking about friends who seemingly suck the energy out of you, especially on very toxic situations.

For Sofia, she mentioned that quantity doesn’t really matter and personally, she likes to keep her circle small. Quality friends is so much better than having a lot of it.

During her pregnancy, Sofia said that Kathryn was the one she truly trusted that time. She also chose Kathryn to be one of Zoe’s, her daughter, godmother.

Sofia said that Kathryn was one of those rare gems in the industry and that she was not only beautiful outside, but also inside.

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