Gerald Anderson Nag Reak Di Umano sa Music Video ng Joshlia


Moira Dela Torre’s recent most talked about hit song “Paubaya” that was recently dropped on Valentine’s Day, sparks great media controversy and attention from netizens who, not only shared an emotional journey upon hearing the song but also came for the apparent “closure” of former real-life lovers and couple, Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia. The couple broke up after alleged third-party issues which involved the notorious showbiz dater, Gerald Anderson.

The Julia-Joshua-Gerald-Bea issue surfaced when news came out that Julia and Joshua broke up. Many of their fans decided to dig some dirt up and found out that Julia and Gerald apparently decided to see each other after being paired up on a film where they starred in together. This is amidst the fact that everyone knows Gerald Anderson is dating the premiered actress, Bea Alonzo. Bea decided to speak out regarding the issue to clear off that Gerald stopped seeing and dating her which equated to being “ghosted” by the actor. The actress was very vocal about her heartbreak and so does Joshua Garcia when Julia decided to call off their relationship.

Although Gerald and Julia were denying many times that they are not dating, many netizens pointed out the similarities and parallelism on their Instagram posts which appears that the two are together on the same place at the same time which concludes the fact that they are actually just keeping their relationship a secret.

And because on Moira’s recent music video of the song “Paubaya”, Julia and Joshua finally had the greatest public closure of their relationship to which a part in the music video features the former couple talking their hearts out and finally closing the chapter that they used to share in each other’s lives together.

Julia mentioned on the video that she apologizes to Joshua that she “became tired” and felt that she had “used up” everything she has to the point that she lost herself. She apologizes to the actor and her former ex-lover that she disappeared without prior notice, and put their relationship in so much trouble. The two also concluded their relationship on the video and thanked each other for the closure.

Eagle-eyed netizens suddenly connected Gerald Anderson’s Instagram story where he posted a seemingly cryptic message which somehow appears to be a response to Julia’s message in the MV of “Paubaya”:

“If you are tired, it’s okay to rest. But don’t quit.” Posted the actor, Gerald, on his Instagram.

Many netizens associated that this is somehow a response of Gerald to Julia amidst the dating rumors that circled around the two. However, no confirmations came from both parties regarding the dating issue nor the cryptic message he decided to post on his social media account.

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