Ivana Alawi at Kapatid Na Hashim, Ibinunyag Kung Sino Ang Kanilang Celebrity Crush

 Love is in the air and Valentine’s day is just around the corner. About time that many are busy buying flowers and gifts to their loved ones and special someone in time for heart’s day. While there are people who are celebrating the season alone and independent, many netizens are wondering if celebrities such as Ivana Alawi and her brother Hashim Al-Alawi will be dating someone in Valentine’s day.

Truth be told, Ivana and Hashim took the challenge in their vlogs uploaded recently on her channel called “Sagot o Lagot”. Many fans and followers of the celebrity YouTube vlogger are requesting for the content and Ivana was ready to take on the challenge.

Questions are asked to the two, and if they refused to answer, they will have to drink a disgusting mixture of ingredients or hideous concoctions as a dare or consequence.

Because of this, many took the chance to ask Ivana about her celebrity crush, and so does Hashim as many fans of Ivana took quite a liking to her brother.

When asked about their celebrity crushes, the Alawi siblings blushed and Ivana admitted that her celebrity crush is Paulo Avelino.

According to Ivana, she met the actor on a meeting and felt endeared towards the way the actor spoke and carried himself. For Ivana, Paulo Avelino is incredibly talented, an eloquent speaker, smart and very mature. Although the vlogger mentioned that she has no plans on destroying the relationship of Paulo with his current girlfriend. She clarified that she only admired and was amazed on the prowess of the premiered actor.

On Hashim, he blushed all too well and revealed that he has a huge crush on internet celebrity and fellow YouTube content creator. It is no other than the Kakaibabe singer, Donnalyn Bartolome.

Hashim described Donnalyn as being “really beautiful” when he first saw the celebrity through her pictures online. He also recalled one moment where he saw Donnalyn in person and still mentioned that she was very pretty until now.

The siblings were also asked if they are being courted or courting someone as of the moment, and will there be dates for the Al-Alawi siblings?

Ivana mentioned that she has a wooer, but decided not to reveal the identity out of pure respect. Hashim also did not reveal who he was courting currently on Instagram and decided to keep their personalities hidden from the public.

Ivana Alawi at Kapatid Na Hashim, Ibinunyag Kung Sino Ang Kanilang Celebrity Crush Ivana Alawi at Kapatid Na Hashim, Ibinunyag  Kung Sino Ang Kanilang Celebrity Crush Reviewed by Boom on 6:29 AM Rating: 5

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